Trumps nickname game

Think of all the people that Donald Trump has assigned a nickname to. Now consider the fact that not a single one has benefited from being labelled with it.

Lyin’ Ted Cruz, Low-energy Jeb Bush, Little Marco Rubio, Crooked Hillary, and now the Rocket Man. President Trump doesn’t give people nicknames like other people do, as a term of endearment. He gives then nicknames to destroy them.

Nicknames are fun when you are in a frat house, or just among friends. They are also helpful in sports. When I played hockey, my teammates and I were encouraged to give ourselves nicknames, so that we could communicate on the ice. Personally, I think its just male bonding.

But in a professional setting, nicknames are never given to benefit the other persons reputation.

So when President Trump called Kim Jong Un “Rocket Man” in a tweet last week, he didn’t do so just to make his enemies cringe and his fans laugh. He did so to demean the North Korean leader, and yet again- it was a home run.

Put yourself (if you can) in the shoes of Kim Jong Un. Like most dictators, the thing he hates the most is the sound of laughter, particularly when he is the butt of the joke.

Trumps enemies tried to do this to him during the campaign. Remember when John Oliver tried labelling Trump with his supposed “real last name”- Drumpf? It caught on with some fringe haters, but didn’t go any further. The reason for this is because the nickname has to make sense, and it has to actually be funny.

The reason Rocket Man is funny because it makes the world believe that the only thing Kim Jong Un is capable of doing is launching rockets. Not dropping nukes. Just launching rockets.

The reason Little Marco was funny is because Rubio had a boyish look about him already. The reason low energy Jeb made sense was because Jeb Bush always looked lethargic.

If you become known as your nickname, instead of your real name, people are automatically inclined to take you less seriously. North Korea’s main goal is for the world to take them seriously. They want us to believe that the only way to de-legitimize them is to engage militarily, which could cause thousands of lives.

So far, President Trump is winning the war of words with Kim Jong Un. He did tell us he had “the best words”.